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 societat Catalana d'educació ambiental

The Societat Catalana de l’Educació Ambiental (Catalan Society of Environmental The Societat Catalana de l’Educació Ambiental (Catalan Society of Environmental Education) was created in 1985 in order to promote a renewed education that considers both social and environmental problems. At the same time, this association pursues the objective of contributing into the formation of citizens able to analyze such problems, as well as finding solutions. Since its creation, the association builds up shared projects with an interdisciplinary approach that are distributed among the whole Catalan geography.

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It is formed by professionals and people interested in the field of environmental education. The members come from very different professional and academic backgrounds with the common aim of working for sustainability through the work in the field of education.

Lines of work
• The Forum 2000 of Environmental Education.
• Groups of work, projects and programs related to education and environment.
• Collection of monographs about environmental education.
• Group of Centers of Environmental Education.
• Service of Information about Environmental Education.
• Social Center of Environmental Education.
• Seminars, courses, workshops and conferences in order to think about environmental issues and to train future educators.
• Interactions with local and international networks working on similar issues.
• Trips to spaces which represent the environmental education.
• Service of communication among the members.
• Participation on councils and forums about environment, protected areas, natural parks, and so on.

What is it proposed?
• To stimulate, to promote and to spread researches and activities related to environmental education, in order to develop it successfully.
• To look for and to consolidate relationship with key referents on the work of environmental education.
• To discuss objectives and strategies, experiences and outcomes.
• To facilitate the publishing and the spreading of books and articles, as well as electronic resources.
• To improve the skills of professionals from environmental education.
• To help networks to exchange experiences, with the purpose of reinforcing and to enrich personal backgrounds and institutions.




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